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Sports Bikes

From last 50 years, 2-wheelers are ruling on Indian Automation Industry. Although in 1955 Govt. of India had demanded bikes manufacturers to produce reliable motor vehicles for Indian Army and Police allocation. Demands of motor bikes are increasing on daily bases due to heavy traffic on Indian roads. We can classify the system of new bikes in India 2011 in Sports, Dirt, Street, Cruiser and many more. Most demanding motorcycles by youngsters are Sports and Dirt.

Sports Bikes in India

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  • Ducati India

Sport Bike is differentiated by its speed, acceleration, brakes and its curves on city’s rush roads. Most named and famed used sports bike in India is Honda’s motorcycle or Honda’s bikes i.e. Honda CBR. There are various segregations in sports bike with its Designing Elements, Classes, and Variants.

In Designing Elements, motorbikes are defined due to exceptions in their braking system, suspension, wheelbases at front and rear ends. In Classes, motorbikes are commonly defined due their weight i.e. Light weighted, Middle weighted, Superbikes. In Variants, another name of sport motorbikes defined as Race Replicas and its suffixes are R(replica) or RR(race replica).

Dirt Bikes

Off Road motorbikes are known as “Dirt bikes”. Dirt bikes are specially designed for “off roads” means for adventure purposes (stunt dirt bikes). Dirt bikes are for sale or can hire on rent for sports events such as Motocross, Enduro, Rally raid, Trail, Trails, Track Racing. Dirt bikes are comparatively simpler in looks, light weighted, long suspension, great ground clearance than road going bikes but still give very impressive pictures.

TVS apache 250rr

BMW S 1000 RR Sports Bikes in India

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