Honda Civic Navigation DVD 2014 and Honda Civic GPS Updates

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Honda Civic Navigation DVD 2014 and Honda Civic GPS Updates

Honda Civic Navigation DVD & GPS Updates 2014

The new Honda Civic Navigation DVD for 2014 has now been released and came out in September of 2011.  You can purchase the new version direct from the official Honda Navi store to ensure you have the most up to date directions and routes possible for the coming 12 months.

Please note that these pages are not affiliated with Honda – we are purely fans of the Honda Civic GPS who have designed this site to give you the best and most impartial information possible on the web.  If you want to see if the Honda Civic Navigation Update is suitable for you model then please visit the official website on the banner and link below.

Honda Civic Navigation DVD 2014 – Which Version?

Currently it’s possible to update the 2006 Honda Civic GPS navigation all the way through to the 2012 model.  The disc you will need is called the Turquiose version for the latest Honda Civic GPS map updates.  If you own an Accord model then please click here instead for information on the Honda Accord navigation DVD .

Honda Navigation Update 2014 & Honda GPS Update

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