New Master Switch not working - Drive Accord Honda Forums

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New Master Switch not working - Drive Accord Honda Forums

New Master Switch not working

I have a 2003 Accord Coupe EX V6, and for quite a while the driver side window had been intermittent. I would push the switch over and over, and EVENTUALLY it would roll down. Once it rolled down, though, it worked every time until I turned the car off and this process started all over again.

In recent months, the switch simply stopped working altogether. Since I had no indication that the regulator was trying to roll down the window, I suspected the switch. I bought a new mater switch online (P/N 35750-SDN-A12) and installed it. The newly installed switch did NOTHING. neither window worked, the door lock didn't work, and the buttons did not illuminate. When I plugged my original switch back in, everything except the driver window button worked fine.

Suspecting that my part was DOA, I was able to talk to a local dealer and swap it out. The replacement switch give the same behavior.

Despite assurances to the contrary from TWO Honda dealerships, I'm suspecting that the new switch needs to be programmed to my car. Can anyone offer any help with this issue?

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