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Posted by: fordfanboy | Aug 20, 2009 7:31:09 AM

Once you've owned one, you'll never be able to go back to a conventional truck again. I have an 06 with 75,000 miles.

The things I like best about the Ridgeline are:

1) Highway mileage: 24 MPG (best mileage begins after full break at about 20,000 miles)

2) The trunk. First day of ownership it was pouring rain. Went to the store and filled up with groceries and kept it all dry on the way home.

3) No rattles -- no squeeks - tight quiet body and cabin.

4) Handling and ride - Independent rear suspension.

5) Tire wear - still running the original tires after 75,000 miles.

6) Break wear - still running original brakes after 75,000 - I expect to get 100,000 miles from the original brakes.

7) Tail gate. I use the side swing to open it 90% of the time.

8) AWD/4WD - detects when you need traction and engages the rear wheels as needed.

9) Sound system - built in subwoofer kicks.

10) Honda's 60 degree V6 engins is the smoothest power this side of the turbine. I-VTEC kick up power on demand.

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2010 Honda Ridgeline

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