Honda Used Cars, Buy Honda Pre Owned Cars For Sale

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Honda Used Cars, Buy Honda Pre Owned Cars For Sale

Buy Used Honda Cars

CarTrade has a huge inventory of used Honda cars in variants like Diesel, Petrol, Petrol & CNG, Petrol & LPG. With the ever increasing inventory list, currently there are 23 Used Honda Diesel Cars, 1863 Used Honda Petrol Cars. 70 Used Honda Petrol & CNG Cars and Used Petrol & LPG cars available with the price range starting from 5.

We have a dedicated team of experts who themselves do quality check for all used Honda cars in various cities all over India. Rest assured that the CarTrade certified cars are checked for their condition where we assess the car & present condition and evaluate the estimated work and repairs required.

Used Honda listings by users

Currently we have around 673 used Honda cars listed in India by individual car owners. The cheapest car has been priced at 50000. In terms of quantity, the major chunk of our inventory in this section belongs to Honda City whose starting price is 1. The list is followed by Honda City ZX, Honda Civic, Honda Accord and Honda CR V with number of listings of 147, 85, 40 and 34 respectively all over India.
Honda Used Cars, Buy Honda Pre Owned Cars For Sale

In terms of manufacturing date we have 69 used Honda cars of 2009, 47 used Honda cars of 2010, 35 used Honda cars of 2011 and 32 used Honda cars of 2012.

Listings of Used Honda Cars by dealers

CarTrade has listed approximately 488 dealers of used Honda cars all over India. Currently the most popular model under this section is the Honda City which has a starting price of 60000. Overall we have a total of 8 used Honda diesel cars starting from the price of 50000 (Honda CR V), a total of 1258 used Honda petrol cars starting from the price 0 (Honda Accord) and a total of 38 used Honda Petrol+CNG cars starting from the price of 115000 (Honda City). We have also listed premium cars under this section (Honda City. Honda Civic. Honda City ZX and Honda CR V).

Honda Used Cars, Buy Honda Pre Owned Cars For Sale

Pre Owned Cars

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