How do i replace the third brake light on my Honda Civic EX 2006 - JustAnswer

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Resolved Question:

High Mount Brake Light Replacement

  1. Open the trunk lid.

Disconnect the 2P connector from the high mount brake light.

Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove the bulb.

  • Remove the rear shelf.
  • Remove the high mount brake light
  • Rear Shelf Removal:

  • Fold both seat-backs forward.
  • From the trunk compartment, disconnect and detach the high-mount brake light connector
  • Carefully lift up on the front edge of the rear shelf by hand to release the front hooks from the body, to detach the clips, and to disengage the side hooks from the rear shelf extension.
  • While lifting the front of the rear shelf up to release each portion away from three child seat tether anchor strikers, pull the shelf back to release it from the clips remain on the rear parcel shelf, and to release the hooks near the high mount brake light.

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