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Honda Odyssey ATV Overview

This page is about the Honda Odyssey ATV that was made in the 1970s and 1980s. For information about the popular minivan line from Honda, use the navigation to the right. Thank you for visiting Honda Craigslist!

Used Honda Odyssey ATVs

The Honda Odyssey ATV line was made prior to the minivan and ended its run 10 years prior to the introduction of the van. The ATV is a single-seat four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle. For more information about the classic ATV line including the history and specifications for the FL350 read on below.

Honda Odyssey ATV History:

The Honda Odyssey ATV was produced from 1976 to 1985 and was a single seat 4WD all-terrain vehicle. There was the FL250 along with FL350 with that later being the more popular model on the used market today. Originally the Odyssey ATV did not have a roll cage but was added on model years starting with 1982. The engine was originally a 248 cc air cooled motor and was upgraded to 342 and 329 following a recall. The transmission featured one speed for forward and reverse utilizing a variable-pitch torque converter. Honda replaced with Odyssey with the Pilot ATV in 1989.

Honda Odyssey ATV FL350 Specifications:

Honda FL350R For Sale Honda Odyssey FL 350

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