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2014 Honda NSX Review: Honda

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Honda NSX is considered one of the most attractive to car buyers of all time. At first the development of this car made. by Formula One driver Ayrton Senna and since then has been praised by professional racer and commentator car all of 15 years, namely from 1990 to 2005. Rumors say that the Honda in the process of generating models that leading by filling out the character of traditional NSX and modern technology, such as all-wheel drive system is sophisticated and hybrid technology.

Some sources say that the 2014 Honda NSX will be powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a capacity capable of producing 300kW. New Honda NSX will also be supported with the help of an electric motor to Honda’s top-shelf model.

Apparently, much of the running gear will be based on the SH-AWD system seen on the American-badged Acura models of Honda, such as the Accord (Acura TL) and Legend (Acura RL). This ‘Super Handling All-Wheel Drive’ system incorporates a complex torque split technology that allows the car’s computers to calculate where best to send power – front to rear and side to side – at any given time, even during hard acceleration and cornering. Since the NSX is a true sports car though, the inclination of the SH-AWD system will be to send most of the power to the rear wheels, reports say.

It’s unknown at this stage just how much power the electric motor will add, but it will be a versatile system, allowing the car/driver to select between electric power alone, or the petrol engine alone.

Reports say we could expect to see the new Honda NSX by 2014, featuring the hybrid technology and an all-wheel drive system. We just hope it sticks to its roots and is unveiled as a true sports car with little compromise.

Honda NSX Concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2014

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