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Thanks. This was AWESOME!!

Just went trough about 10 of our old cars (all the VIN's I could find in a pinch) and it was enlightening.

Some are going the distance, some not so much.

My 1989 Nissan Maxima I bought new. Now 24+ years old (last registered this January, just 10 miles from our current house). On 3rd Owner. I cherished that car. Only saw it once since I sold it after 14 years. Superb quality and it shows.

My 1988 Civic LX bought new. Died in 2002 in New York City. 312,000 miles. Unreal.

My Dad's cherished 1991 CRX Si. He bought it new. Sold it in 1999 when he retired early (at 55) and I begged him to keep it. He said they didn't need 2 cars at their new home here in Florida. Sold it for $8500 with 38K miles. Beyond Mint. Sold to some kid who wet himself at the sight of it.

Looks like he left the Philly area for Cali. Would not pass inspection at 60K miles, and was summarily wrecked in 2001. How absolutely sad. BTW: Dad admitted I was right and dreams of owning another (now at 69). Told him he'll never find one. Now his pride and joy is dead (long ago, it appears) RIP Rollerskate!.

The 1996 Nissan Quest GLE we bought new to take trips down here from Philly to Florida. That van was one of favorite vehicles. Still going strong in Mt. Dora Florida with 267,000 miles. Who says a Nissan/Ford collaboration would produce junk cars?!

There are others, but you get the picture. I gotta see if I can scrounge up the VIN of my beloved first car: The 1983 Chevy Chevette CS .

Maybe that thing's still goin'.


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